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Secret Handshake Society
8:00 pm20:00

Secret Handshake Society

  • Sacramento Comedy Spot

Secret Handshake Society is the main stage sketch show at Sacramento Comedy Spot, performing every first Friday of the month. Scenes are written and performed by members of the Comedy Spot sketch community, including me! I am also the show's producer. Secret Handshake Society is a live sketch show, similar to Saturday Night Live and Key and Peele.

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Kevin McDonald Sketch Performance
9:00 pm21:00

Kevin McDonald Sketch Performance

  • Sacramento Comedy Spot

Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall is coming to Sacramento Comedy Spot! The all-day event begins with a sketch writing workshop, and ends with students performing their scenes for the public that evening with Kevin. I'm pretty excited to take part in this. Come out and see us!

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Jul 31

My article in UPPERCASE magazine!

It's coming! My first published article will show its face in the July issue (#22) of UPPERCASE magazine, one of my very favorites. This issue's theme is color, and I got the opportunity to write about my experience with DayGlo Color Corporation, along with contributing a couple of my own little illustrations. Get your subscription here!

9:00 am09:00

creativeLIVE Indie Craft Show

  • creativeLIVE, Inc.
 Snapshots : mini art prints  

 Snapshots : mini art prints  

creativeLIVE is breaking into the world of artists, crafters, and designers! As part of Tara Gentile’s 3-day course (click here for more details), we’ll be hosting the first-ever virtual creativeLIVE Indie Craft Show, with artists curated by San Francisco Bazaar and Tara Gentile.

You’ll watch a group of successful creative entrepreneurs and indie artists as they showcase a variety of their art – jewelry, textiles, ceramics, paper, and more. We’ll also share links directly to each artist’s online store, so you can have a chance to see their full array of products. Browse unique handmade goods from the comfort of your own home — and get a head start on your holiday shopping! 

6:00 pm18:00

Scenes from the Midway

  • Old Soul Co.
 Snack Specimens , 2013 Acrylic and gouache on wood panel

 Snack Specimens , 2013

Acrylic and gouache on wood panel

"Scenes from the Midway" is a multi-media exhibit at Old Soul Co. in midtown, Sacramento. This nod to the hearts of carnivals, circuses, and fairs around the country includes works of photography, paint, paper, and textiles.

Also featured at Old Soul will be the photography of Kim Knighton, whose work can be seen at www.digitalthumbprint.com.

Opening reception is Saturday, October 12 with live music and refreshments. The exhibit runs through early November. 

Feb 28


  • Rare Device
Preservation   Papercut and mixed media in shadow box, 2013


Papercut and mixed media in shadow box, 2013

Rare Device presents “Sustenance”, a new group gallery exhibition with a focus on the unique histories of 600 Divisadero and the positive effects the residents of the space have had on the community. Curated by Lauren Venell, the show features local art by Lauren Venell, Heather Hardison, Samantha Barsky, Alyson Thomas, Dan Brazelton, Tina Jett, Ally Trigg, Andrew Venell, Brian McHugh and Karen Curtiss.